Aba Art (Miquel Mesquida, «Deluge universel»)


Miquel Mesquida, «Deluge universel»: Arcano-E» is the sequel of the Exhibition «Buonarroti, la genialitat de l’esperit», inspired by Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. In Dèluge Universel: Arcane-E Mesquida exhibits a particular conception of the Flood, recovering the biblical theme from a very personal approach.

Miguel Mesquida is a self-taught artist who works with very different types of crafts, a very creative and active artist with a lot of imagination and fantasy to form personal and special pieces. He finds the inspiration in selfquestioning and different cultural influences.


Convent de la Missio

Buonarroti – La Genialitat de l´Esperit:


‘Genie des Geistes’ oder auch: Was macht das Jo-Jo an des Schöpfers Finger?
Das berühmteste Bild der Sixtinischen Kapelle omnipräsent: Die Hände vor dem Augenblick DER ersten Berührung die die Erschaffung Adams durch den Schöpfer symbolisiert, geht es nach ‘Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni’. Auf den Spuren Michelangelos schafft sich ‘Mesquida’ mit plakativer Illustration neue Perspektiven und versucht den Abstieg ins Unterbewusste des Betrachters:


Die Werke dem Künstler nach eine Hommage zum 500-jährigen Bestehen der Deckengemälde in der Sixtinischen Kapelle und Verbeugung vor dem Genie ‘Michelangelos’. Ohne Zweifel konstruiert sich ‘Mesquida’ mit dieser Ausstellung über das verlorene Paradies seine eigene Kapelle und Mythologie, mehrdeutig, grotesk, verspielt und ironisch, wie man unschwer am bunten Jo-Jo erkennen kann:


Und wieso kein Eis am Stil?

The Exhibition: Miquel Mesquida is a creative and active artist, working with his imagination and fantasy to form personal and very special pieces. Self-questioning leads to his inspiration, influenced by different cultures. He exibits mainly in city councils or museums.

The Hotel: Hidden away in Palma’s Old Town you can find the Convent de la Missio, an old 17th century monastery converted to a small luxury hotel. Just minutes from Palmas centre, 5 minutes to Plaza de España or 15 minutes to the Paseo Marítimo or the LaLonja. Narrow streets & gardened patios surround this refined 4* hotel. The hotel offers only 14 rooms, all modern & elegant. Not cheap, but a nice place for maybe a special stay.

Formerly dedicated to the education of missionaries its now a stylish and sophisticated place, hosting a gallery exibiting pictures & art in a 80m² large hall next to Marc Fosh restaurant, including quite a large winecellar, an own chapel and more.

A sleek place, kind of puristic with some minimalist interior. The architect, refurbishing the ex-convents interior, also transformed parts into the above mentioned art gallery.