Casal Solleric In’Sight‘: La elegancia del dibujos

Casal Solleric

La elegancia del dibujo – Carlos Sáenz de Tejada (Modezeichnungen)
The Elegance of Drawing (Chronicles of Paris) by Carlos Sáenz de Tejada.

Featuring over 300 fashion drawings in ink, watercolours and gouaches painted by the avant-garde artist Carlos Sáenz de Tejada in Paris in the 1930s, this exhibit at the upper floor of the Casal Solleric is an authentic graphic chronicle of one of the great undiscovered avant-garde artists of the time. The painter, one of the greatest illustrators of his time, guides the visitor through the trends of the fashion capital of these days, portraying the new role women played during that period.

The exhibit, virtually an anthropological journey through fashion trends, is also a reflection of the new role of women in society at the time, his works an example of models of a stylized figuration, leaving aside his penchant for the avant-gardism of the early twentieth century or the social realism for which he became renowned during the 1920’s, being the wild years, and 1930s, the time of the Great Depression, time of revolution for fashion.

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For nearly 10 years, Carlos Sáenz de Tejada, steeping in the surrealism of Dalí and Breton, was front row witness to the latest collections and inner workings of the leading Paris fashion houses, shows presented by Worth, Patou, Callot Soeurs, Heim, Paquin or Rochas – where the models were still known as mannequins.

These shows, written up and illustrated on the pages of the daily newspaper ABC and the weekly magazine Blanco y Negro, were recreated by the artist in international publications, such as the French magazines Jardin des Modes and Femina, the German fashion magazine Elegant Welt and the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Under a pseudonym he also illustrated for the competition, Vogue.


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