Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró: In’sight‘ The Gaudí Series

Fundacio Miro

Fundació Miró

This series in a separated part of the Fundació Miró holds a print series by Joan Miró dedicated to the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, whom Miró met in younger years while he was attending drawing classes at the Cercle de Sant Lluc. Miró admired Gaudi all his lifetime, and considered Gaudí’s works as one of his sources of inspiration. Miró decided to prepare this series, created at the Son Boter studio and printed in Barcelona in 1979 in an edition of 50, carefully in advance. For this purpose Miró contacted artist-engraver Joan Barbarà before proceeding, Barbarà later assisting him in the Gaudí series.

The Gaudí series comprises 21 prints in which Miró used all conceivable resources, ranging from most innovative methods, such as etching, collage, sugar-lift aquatint, carborundum and embossing to traditional techniques. The Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró holds all the original designs that were used as a starting point for this series:

„Möge mein Werk

wie das von einem Maler vertonte Gedicht sein.
[…] Sehr, sehr langsam arbeiten,
mit der Würde eines alten Handwerksmeisters,
der seine Arbeit verrichtet;
nur so wird Schönheit und Beständigkeit
in der Materie erreicht.“
Joan Miró


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