Casal Solleric, Ausstellung 1: “Premi Ciutat de Palma Antoni Gelabert d’Arts Visuals 2012″ 20/01/2013 – 17/03/2013



Zona Base: Idea – ‚Donde Nada Ocurre‘

Irene de Andrés, „Donde nada ocurre“ in der ‚Zona Base‘: Fotografie, Videoinstallation und Pressemeldungen über das gescheiterte Projekt der nie eröffneten Diskothek Idea auf Ibiza (bis 24ten März 2013)

A fotografic journey to the abandoned shell of the half finished Idea nightclub on Ibiza, dominating the skyline of San Antonio bay for more than half a decade. An abandoned skeletal steel framework that laid neglected in a prime position on Avinguida Dr. Fleming near Es Paradis since 1987, only minutes away from the beach.


Lluc Fluxa Espai H.C., 01-02/2013, In-Volución by Philip Wolf

Lluc Fluxa Espai H.C. presents Philip Wolf with his new exhibition In-Volución, exhibiting nine large acrylic paintings on canvas. The theme is predominantly black and white, colours that the artist prefers to use, and some with his first steps into colouring his paintings, bright and colourful.

‚The theme of this exhibition is the evolution of growing cities that create something new but are at the same time destroy the surroundings. These cities are portrayed as wild animals such as a crocodile or a chameleon.‘

Galerie Mensing – Art your Life

Eine neue Galerie belebt Palmas Kunstszene, mit Werken von der klassischen Moderne bis hin zur Pop Art.
Altmeister wie Picasso, Miro und Dali, Pop-Art Stars wie Britto oder Heck, oder auch Künstler wie Rocca und Fazzino finden sich auf 700qm Ausstellungsfläche und bei Vernissagen.
Bunt, knallig und voll, das Gegenteil einer herkömmlichen Kunstgalerie, soll hier wohl auch Besucher zum Spontankauf ermuntern, die sich in Palmas Kunstszene -und Galerien -mit oft nur einigen wenigen Bildern- nicht wohl fühlen.

A new galerie hits Palmas old town, exhibiting art from the Classical Modernism to Pop Art.
You’ll find a unique collection of artists like Picasso, Dali and Miro, next to Pop Art collections showing Britto, Heck or Rocca and Fazzino.

Galeria Fran Reus 01-02/2013, “El viatge imaginari” – Luis Maraver

“El viatge imaginari” – Luis Maraver
The exhibits at Galería Fran Reus Centre d’Art showcase contemporary artwork by local artists.
This month its paintings and sculptures by Luis Maraver, exhibiting the arch built by Noah for the salvation of his family and of all species of animals. The Flood is used as a metaphor for this show.
A common, fragile ship for the rescue, with the paradoxon that the ship will sink instantly being released to the water. Its a contradiction in itself, on one hand the aesthetic side (the search) and on the other the human side (the experience): Life is a journey, an adventure into the unknown, an imaginary, inner exploration.

Es Baluard Exhibition Jan.2013

The Es Baluard is Palma´s museum of modern and contemporary art.

Founded in 2004 it exhibits a collection of contemporary art, of Balearic artists or those related somehow to the Balearic Islands.
Es Baluard temporary exhibitions of the past years include works of
Rebecca Horn (2004), Fabrizio Plessi (2004), Picasso (2006), Jaume Plensa (2006), Andy Warhol (2006), Joan Miró (2006 y 2008), Santiago Rusiñol (2007), Anselm Kiefer (2009), Robert Mapplethorpe (2009) and Joana Vasconcelos (2009), Juan Uslé (2010), Alberto García-Alix (2010), Eduardo Arroyo (2011), Christian Boltanski (2011),

among others like recently in 2012:
Esther Ferrer: In four movements
Realities/ Fictions: Works from the Es Baluard’s collection
Joan Bennàssar: The wine I drink tastes of the sea
Toni Catany: Works from the Es Baluard’s collection
Pictorial Fragments: 1980-2010. Views of Es Baluard’s Collection
The Perception of Space: Works from the Es Baluard’s Collection
Biblioteca Nacional de España: Otras Miradas

Permanent exhibitions include:
Picasso ceramics
Modernism and Postmodernity
Cabinet: dialogues within the abstraction
Miró: Ubu on Stage

CCC Pelaires – “A dues mans”


Jason Martin (Painting) & Miquel Navarro (Installations)
“Taking inspiration from both Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism, Jason Martin makes paintings about paint: its materiality, sculptural presence and transformative, alchemical nature. Rich swathes of colour applied in thick, fluid, overlaid brushstrokes: Light plays a major role, echoing the dynamism and vigour of its creation.”

Further exhibition:
“A dues mans”: Antoni Socias & Guillem Nadal,
Noviembre/ Enero 2013