McDonald’s Gate C – Palma de Mallorca

Thats cool: WiFi for free. The burgers and fries taste like everywhere else, the people look alike and the waste on the floor looks familiar (maybe they carry that around the world and drop it like an exhibition in different locations).
Back again at the Heart-Attack-Grill on Gate C, watching all these already overweighted passengers have their daily ration “Bypass-Burger & Flatliner-Fries”. The coming up medical procedure seems to be program.

Whenever sitting in a place like this I have great ideas for a new line of nutrition-products. If it just wasn’t so sad.

The boxes, listing all the “good&healthy” ingredients like “have-your-vitamins-wrapped-in-a-sloppy-joe-today”, should rather be honest and name the stuff “Double-Bronchialcarcinoma-Light”, “Cholesterol-Afterburner-with-Cheese” or “Fatman-Chips-X-tra-Large with Mayo&Ketchup”.
“Extra-saturated-fat” as todays free toppling.

Softdrinks: How about “Diabetes-Jack”, “Cholesterol-Joe” or “LDL-Light” instead of “Fanta”, “Sprite” or “Coke-Light”. If it just wasn’t so sad.

“Hey, I’d like some “Arteriosklerose-Fries” with a “Cardiovascular DoubleDipper” and some “Triglyceride-Rings”.

“Yes, thanks, make that a double, please”

They have “You’ll die fast & hard” healthwarnings on cigarette-boxes.
Why no “Eating this risks you BMI. You’ll pop like a corn…” on every Fastfood-box.

I’m bored….
BTW: “Your cabin-luggage may not exceed a weight over 6kg…(AirBerlin)”
Yeah, suure. Tell my just-ordered-a-double-dip neighbour about it!


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