Nach PalmaPhoto 2012 gibt die Galerie Kewenig momentan im Rahmen der Nit de l´Art 2012 nochmal den ‘Wüth(e)rich’ mit «The Real Life of Book – Butterflies».
Schmetterlinge als Scherenschnitte aus französischen Buchcovern stehen symbolhaft für Buch & Literatur in der Kunst:


This colourful butterfly collection arose from snippets of book covers, and flutters through the San Feliu Chapel, converting it into a perfect setting to reveal Peter Wüthrich´s complex message.

The work of Peter Wüthrich is always of the same medium, the book, French paperback covers, revolving around the themes of love, life and death, just as the butterfly symbolizes life, death and rebirth in art. The artist concentrates on coloured classics dealing with the questions of our existance. The metamorphosis of classical literature bindings, where beautiful and fragile butterflies emerge, carrying messages from an imaginary and real world, as literature after all is transforming. The journey from book to butterfly seems likely when looking at earlier installations of the artist, in which brand-new open books perched on bars like winged creatures, observing the visitors from on high.

*Insiderjoke, featuring Yelp  vs. Qype


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